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Alaska Grown

The Farms

Our Cattle Northwest Land & Livestock Co., is owned by Doug & Cathie McCollum. In 1984 they brought in 17 heifers and a Galloway Bull out of Paulson's Ranch in North Dakota. The Galloway is originally a breed from Scotland they are known for their hardiness.

Their meat is naturally lean and tender sweet. McCollum believes in raising "All natural Meat" which means animals that are not pushed to grow with hormone or steroids. Beef take around twenty months to be ready for market. So far we have been fortunate up here in Alaska not having to vaccinate for various diseases that cattle in the lower 48 contact. You'll find no purer beef in the world.

The Galloway have a coat of hair similar to the buffalo, a short undercoat and a long overcoat. "It's practically a cross between a cow and a buffalo," says Delta Farmer Scott Miller. They are a medium sized animal and really standout in their crossbreeding.

The beef herd has increased to over 400 head of Galloway/Angus cattle and now they have included a small farrow to finish hog operation. Through the company's producing and direct marketing efforts, consumer's are able to buy meat products direct-fresh from the farm!

Other Local Producers

The Farm

Delta Meat is proud of the local farmers who have contributed stock for marketing "Alaska Grown" meats. They have buffalo, yak, elk, reindeer that are locally raised in the interior in addition to the farmers who raise domestics.

We have local farmers such as:

Brasier Farms

Keaster Ranch
Misty Mountain Farms

SK Farms
Sawmill Creek Ranch
Snow Clover Farm

Teresa's Enterprises
Ward Farms
Scott & Ruby Hollembaek Family
Lyle, Janette & Nicole Brasier
Aldolph Eich
Lyle & Kay Hennegar
Wes & Gail Keaster & Family
Scott & Maribeth Miller & Family
Frank O'Donnell
Mgr. Tommy Guyer
Dick Carr
Ann Mulcahey
Craig Tomlinson
Rogery Terry
Bill & Marsha Ward
Buffalo, Elk, Musk ox
Angus Cattle
Beef Cattle
Beef Cattle, Lambs
Beef Cattle
Cattle & Pigs
Russian X Pigs
Russian X Pigs

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